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Here comes the bride, all dressed in white and a wedding tiara! I’m putting a twist to the lyrics of this song so I can express my joy after researching about famous women who wore wedding tiara. Wedding tiaras are so fascinating because they have made marriage a fashion and add to its splendor. Here are four women who have followed the trend and made wedding tiara history.

Queen Elizabeth II had inherited her grandmother’s wedding tiara for her big day. She discovered its bandeau base in St. James’ Palace and paired it to its proper place with the wedding tiara. The wedding tiara was made comfortable with no dangling pendants.

The Queen’s granddaughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, wore the Halo Scroll tiara when she married Prince William. The wedding tiara was originally a coming-of-age gift to the Queen. It has waves going both east and west. It also has Scottish ancestry that suits the Scottish beginnings Princess Kate, and Prince William now embark.

American Victoria Beckham wore a golden wedding tiara that went striking her short locks when she got hitched to David. Pictures of the former Spice Girl and now fashion business person wearing the golden wedding tiara are still iconic. Beckham has made the wedding tiara still contemporary and fierce.

The famous actress and model, Elizabeth Hurley, will wear a Reena Ahluwalia designed tiara for Season 2 of The Royals. It is supposed to pay tribute to the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince Henry. The show celebrates British royalty, and that would be nothing without wedding tiaras.

From these four women, I realized the great impact wedding tiaras have on our culture. It is a necessary accessory for a big day to make a bride Queen-like. A wedding tiara is indeed the additional beauty to a wedding every bride should grab.

Why my watch box is also my prized possession

It was my 18th birthday, and like every other girl on the verge of entering adulthood I was super excited as I felt that I have achieved something great. I was inundated with gifts from my near and dear ones. One of the most precious gifts I got was from my father. He gave me a beautiful watch encased in a beautiful watch box. My father told me that he gave me the watch not because I don’t have one, but because he wanted me to understand the value of time. Yes, I abide by his words till today, but what attracted me the most was the watch box. It was of a cream colour with a beautiful, soft and a mini cushion placed inside for the watch to rest. I don’t know why, but on that day I felt that no other gifts I received that day could match up with the watch box. I felt an unknown attraction to it, may be due to the emotion attached to it.

The watch box was like my secret world. I would keep coins which I could save from my pocket money, save my favourite candy which I loved but my mother was scornful about it, and many other small things I felt was my treasure.

Today, when I am settled in a completely other part of the country, I still have the watch box. The wrist watch has worn away due to some reason, but I was over-possessive about the watch box. It was my secret chest. Now, whenever I think of my parents, especially dad but couldn’t allot time to call him up, I talk to my watch box as if I am talking to my father.

The ‘Amazing-ness’ of Italy:

The ‘Amazing-ness’ of Italy: I’ve realized that I wish that America were more like Italy. They have different carnivals and festivals all over the country all of the time. They even wear masks to some of them! I found out that in the Venetian carnival season people hand-make Venetian masks so that no two are ever the same. They make them out of different precious metals and a lot from paper mache. Then they hand them out to people at their carnival and everyone can feel free to do whatever they want because their identity is a secret. It seems to be a very freeing experience from what I have read. In fact, some nobles would wear them so that they could go out into the world, do what they wanted to do and not be judged because of their name or their standing in society.

Wouldn’t it be great to have one time a year in all different parts of the country where we could all just put on masks and be who want to be without fear of being judged by others. I think that being judged is one of the things that people tend to fear the most. In this country I believe that we people put way too much emphasis on what others think of us. If we didn’t than high school would be a wonderful experience and we would not have to constantly walk around being afraid of what someone that we don’t even know might or might not think if we did something.


My insurance coverage for hiring a crane in Melbourne read like a list of demands. I had to be covered to protect the crane when it was on my job site. I also had to cover the loss or damage of what was being lifted. I needed coverage for charges that would still be in place if the crane was sitting inoperable as a result of any damage to it and I needed legal liability coverage to cover injury to the crane operator, third parties and any damage resulting from the crane operation.

It sounded a bit excessive to me, but I soon learned it’s the standard requirements before a crane will be allowed on my job site.

The coverage the crane rental business needs are pretty similar and when you look at it closely all it really means is that all of us are protected in case something goes wrong.

I needed to be reminded that a crane is a giant piece of heavy equipment that is considered risky to operate as so many things can potentially go wrong. With that in mind, the extra coverage was added safety in my mind.

The crane arrived, the crane operator did a fantastic job on the lift we needed and I found out that the crane we hired had been on steady rentals for the past twelve months. It usually has a waiting list of six to eighteen months and we were just lucky to catch it on a slow week.

I was glad it all worked out as it was worth the extra coverage to get that load moved.


MY PARENTS HAD VERY DIFFERENT LAWYERSMy dad used to say a good lawyer was an expensive one.

I think that had something to do with what happened when he and mom divorced.

It was not pretty and I was actually a bit ashamed to admit I was part of that family after all the fighting had ended.

I did learn a lot about lawyers, though.

Mom had a pretty nice one who kept her calm and relaxed during the whole ordeal. Dad’s was almost as bad as dad was and played all sorts of games.

Mom was lucky to find a family lawyer in Melbourne who spent a lot of time in family law which turned out to be a huge asset when the games started. Mom’s lawyer stayed focused and was solid as a rock. I think if she suggested I jump off a cliff because it was the right thing to do, I’d do it as I trusted her judgment. If dad’s lawyer asked me to do the same thing it would have been a threat and a demand.

Mom used to rave about her lawyer and her getting along so well that they were almost sisters. Dad’s lawyer came across like his evil twin.

I will say I was quite relieved when the divorce was settled as I got both my parents back, although one was a bit worse for the wear than the other. They survived, but I know mom wouldn’t have if she didn’t find the right, and extremely professional, lawyer to help her deal with the divorce.

I Have Used Rims for Sale!

I Have Used Rims for Sale!I have some used rims for sale. Used rims are a great deal because I think they save vehicle owners  so much money. They avoid the costly repairs and reconditioning of damage rims. I have used rims for dodge trucks, SUV’s , four wheel drive vehicle s and many makes of cars like Mercedes Benz Audi and Lexus.

Reconditioned and repainted rims look amazing and just as good as new at a fraction of the price. I tell buyers that they can save hundreds of dollars by buying used rims. I can offer great deals on rims and discounted tires and I can also offer free shipping. All used rims come with a warranty and  give great performance. I am ISO certified which means that you can trade with me with absolute security that the used rims you buy are absolutely tried and tested and safe to use because they conform to the most exacting standards.

I can provide different finishing and colors for whatever used rims you buy whether chrome plated, burnished chrome, aluminum, steel or platinum. I offer spinners and other attractive items to go with the used rims for sale. I urge clients to choose the best used rims to make their vehicles look really good and ensures an excellent smooth  drive as my team ensure that rims and wheels   are expertly mounted and balance. Used rims are the way to keep your vehicle on the road.

Ways to Sell Your Shipping Containers Fast

Ways to Sell Your Shipping Containers Fast When my father passed away, we decided to sell his business rather than run it. My father used a shipping container as a storage locker and I had no idea how to sell it. Honestly, I didn’t even know how he’d managed to buy it since he wasn’t in the shipping business! I did some research and here are a few tips for selling a shipping container that I picked up.

First, you want to find out what shipping containers are going for in your area and try to price your container competitively. If there isn’t a lot of demand for shipping containers in your area, you might have to resign yourself to getting a low price, especially since you are trying to sell it quickly.

It is also important to figure out what sort of container you have. Is it steel or plastic? Does it have a factory paint job (which protects against rust) or a secondary market paint job (which can lower the price)? Also try to figure out how many times it was used to transport cargo because the more sea voyages a container took, the less value it has.

Take lots of pictures of the container, inside and out, and send them, along with an email to cargo companies. Also send the email and pictures to local businesses who you think would use the container as storage. Put ads on craigslist and in the local papers. Make sure you indicate that you are interested in selling the container as quickly as possible.

Lastly, consider pricing it “as is”. “As is” usually denotes a shipping container that is inexpensive because it is well worn. Many companies that buy shipping containers look for “as is” containers so this designation will help yours sell more quickly.

In the end, we found a company that was willing to buy the container “as is”. We didn’t make a huge profit off the container but we did make a little money, and we sold it quickly which was our main goal.

Should I Sell My Food Truck?

Should I Sell My Food TruckI have owned my food truck for nearly five years. It has produced a good income for me and my family. The food truck is completely paid for. Now I am thinking about switching careers. I have always wanted to be a hairdresser. I love to style people’s hair and I love to follow the latest trends and styles. I am thinking about selling my food truck. I have considered keeping it and renting it to another entrepreneur who is interested in owning a food truck. My concern is that the renter may not take good care of the food truck and it will depreciate in value.

Should I continue pursuing my dream of being a hairdresser? If I decide to pursue my dream, should I continue to own my food truck? I could rent it out like I discussed before, or I could just hire a staff to run it. I guess the big question is should I sell my food truck? It would allow me to move completely forward in life without being tied to anything in the past. It would also give me some money to help fund my new dream.

The only thing that is holding me back from selling my food truck is that I know at any point I could go back to the truck and instantly have a good income again. I guess I have a lot of thinking to do before I take any big leap. Wish me luck!

Hot Pink, Black Racing Stripes = First Place

I can’t start this off any other way then by telling you how excited I am!  My mother is taking me out tomorrow and we are going to be buying a go kart.  I’ve been driving go karts for 3 years now and never before been able to pick out the one I wanted and tomorrow I get to pick!  To some it’s about colors, but they can always be fixed up to individualize it to the driver.

I’ve been getting teased saying that because I’m a girl, I’m probably going to be coming home with a pink one with cat decals all over it.  Well, to be honest, I think I will come home with a pink one, but a hot pink one with black racing stripes.  My mother said that if we can’t find one that going to the only store in town that sells them isn’t our only option.  We can take a weekend and go to the city and look around at used go karts for sale, or even order one if we have to.  She wants me to be happy with it for a long time, and said we’re not going to just settle.

I never knew that I’d be so excited when it came time to buying a go kart.  I do know what I like and I want people to see me coming from a mile away before I pass them because I can tell you this for sure that the go kart I do get is definitely going to have a little kick to it!

I’ve sold a hedgehog!

I’ve sold a hedgehog! I sold a hedgehog today. My first one as I’m a new breeder. I set up and went on line with my website a couple of months ago. I studied the market and I and my wife were looking for a business we could move into which didn’t require too much investment capital. We’ve always loved animals and been fascinated by nature but this is very hard work because you have to get the breeding period right so that the mother has the babies and you’re ready to sell them just before they’re weaned.

A  man have me a call, he lived locally and wanted to buy a hedgehog. I took a deep breath because I had never sold a hedgehog before. I told him what great pets they were and how easy it was to look after them . I said had a mother with four babies almost weaned and he was welcome to come over to my place to take a look at pick a baby hedgehog he liked. He came with his wife and family and the kids really loved the babies. I explained how to look after them and the baby would be ready in a week’s time. They didn’t take long to make a choice and he paid me the $150 straight away, not bothering about paying a deposit. I was very excited because this as the first time I had sold a a hedgehog. I  think hedgehogs are the best exotic animals to sell!


My boyfriend is 5 years older than me, and yet he has certain unrealized dreams and things that he wanted as a child that I don’t particularly understand, but I accept them. On our first date, when we were talking about things that we always wanted, I answered that I wanted to go to Paris, whereas his answer was that he wanted his own pinball machine. I can’t say that I was shocked or impressed, because this is far from what I would want in my house, but, he has different dreams and wants from me. I did remember this though and after things started getting serious, I decided that on his Dirty Thirty that year, I would buy it for him as a surprise.

I didn’t realize that because they don’t make these video game machines anymore, they are high in value, and the price for a new one was out of my budget by far. I wasn’t going to give up on that, because I knew how happy it would make him, so I decided to find a used pinball machine for sale. And after a while, I hit the jackpot! I found one that was absolutely perfect, even a newbie like me liked the way it looked. It was sophisticated, with retro touches and a massive screen. I instantly knew that I would get it for my boyfriend. The expression on his face when the machine was delivered to his house on his birthday was priceless! I’m so grateful that I found this company that had used pinball machine for sale.

Mom and Dad’s Caravan Park

Mom and Dad’s Caravan ParkMy mom and dad have been living in caravan parks for the last eight years. Even though I don’t really want to live in a caravan park, I am in the process of purchasing a caravan park. Some people have asked me why I would purchase a caravan park, but really there are several reasons owning a caravan park appeals to me.

One of the reasons I am purchasing a caravan park is that the land is valuable whether I keep it set up as a caravan park or change the land. I could convert the twenty five caravan lots into five or six home lots. This would allow me to sell the lots to a traditional home builder or to individuals who will build houses there. Or I could build a couple of retail businesses on the lots. Then I could lease the buildings to businesses. This would allow me to continue having a monthly income from the property.

Land tends to appreciate in value and not depreciate. This means I could hold on to the caravan park for a number of years and then sell the property for a profit. I could resell it as a caravan park or I could clear the land and sell it as open property.

About six months ago, I began looking for caravan parks for sale. It did not take me long to find one that I felt was a sound investment. Check back with me in a couple of years and I will let you know which route I decided to take with the caravan park.

Getting the Best Wedding Bands

For anyone who has begun searching through the seemingly endless metals, styles, and stones that go with wedding bands you have probably noticed how it seems to be endless. When I was looking for mine it seemed like I would never be able to settle on just one that fit everything I wanted it to be. I wanted it to match my personal style and taste, not too flashy, but also be a practical and timeless ring that I could wear my entire life.

I finally decided to get just a classic gold band. I was tempted by the myriad choices of all different styles but there was something about going for that classic look that I couldn’t get away from. That’s not for everyone though. I know that there are some that really prefer a more modern, maybe even flashy, look for their wedding bands and that’s fine! The thing with rings, especially for your wedding, is that they really need to match your style and personality. You shouldn’t have to settle for one that you just found or came across. Take the time to really do some research and find the metal and style that you like and go with that. Of course you should make a budget for yourself and do your best to stick with it but you will be able to still find wedding bands that work for you at basically any budget that you may be working with.

Venetian Masks Help Prop Up A Community Play

Venetian MasksOur community theatre was putting on a production of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Normally, we do not do Shakespeare but so many people wanted to see it that we decided to give it a shot.

It was my responsibility to find props and costumes for the play. Our budget was pretty tight but I needed to find several masks for the masquerade dance scene. I wanted half-face masks that were colorful: bright blue, gold, white, and had lots of beading and design. Ideally, I wanted masks that were richly colored and made of silk—or at least looked like it, and had strong, ornate designs on them.

Most of the masquerade masks I found were either metal filigree, full-face oval masks, or had lots of glitter on them and were shaped like butterfly wings. They were all really pretty but it wasn’t the look we were going for. We needed masks that would hold up to the heavy brocade costumes the actors would wear during the masquerade scene so it was important the masks didn’t look too delicate.

It wasn’t until I did a search for Venetian masquerade masks that I started to find what I was envisioning. It turns out that Venetian masks were originally somewhat heavy-looking and were made from dyed leathers and silks. After searching, I found several masks that were colored plastic and they were embellished with lines of glitter that looked like silk threads and pieces of cloth. It was just the sort of dramatic, brightly colored masks that we were looking for.

While none of us has a future as a Shakespearean actor, the play was a success. And the masquerade dance scene looked just right with the colorful, Venetian masks.

Campground as a Retirement Business

When I retired, I didn’t want to sit around in a condo all day but I also didn’t want to go to work for someone else. I started thinking about opening my own business but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I found out a campground in my area was for sale.

I knew a little bit about camping from my scouting days and I was used to doing light maintenance on my house and yard, but I knew almost nothing about RVs (other than they were big) and the campground was 30 acres, significantly larger than my yard. Should I buy a campground when I know little to nothing about running one, I thought. The answer was probably no. Still, the idea of owning and running a campground was interesting to me so I decided to check it out.

Even to my amateur handyman eye, I could tell the campground was run down. The grass needed to be weeded, the trees needed to be trimmed and the picnic area looked haphazard and thrown together. And that was just the area around the campground office. But even in its current state, I could tell with a little sprucing up, it could be a really great campground.

It took almost five months of daily work to get the campground into good shape. And it was expensive: I had to hire contractors, pay for permits, get inspections. But at the end of the five months, the campground looked like a 5-star operation. We opened just in time for summer vacation and within a month, we were receiving a steady stream of bookings.

I didn’t expect to run a campground as a second career but now, I can imagine spending my retirement any other way.